Cottage Cheese with Bacon, Avocado and Hot Pepper Salad

Serves: 2 

Prep Time: 15 mins 

Ingredients :    

1 cup cottage cheese       

2 bacon slices, crumbled        

3 avocado slices     

Crushed red pepper, to taste        

1 pinch salt 

Directions :

Put the bacon and avocado slices in a bowl followed by cottage cheese.  

Season with salt and crushed red pepper to serve.  

Nutrition Amount per serving  :

Calories 205 

Total Fat 10.1g   13% 

Saturated Fat 4g   20% 

Cholesterol 30mg   10% 

Sodium 975mg   42% 

Total Carbs 4.4g   2% 

Dietary Fiber 0g   0% 

Total Sugars 0.4g   

Protein 22.6g

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